So You're a Makeup Lover....

Let's Talk About How To Get The Most Out Of Your Lashes & Makeup Obsession

Back to The Basics

I am frequently asked regarding wearing makeup with lashes, and as long as you are using the appropriate products and cleaning your lashes regularly, then you should have no negative effects on your retention. To ensure your lashes are staying in place, no matter how smokey your eye is, cleanse your lashes before & after application. It is also important to keep in mind that you need to refrain from using products with Propylene Glycol or Propylene Carbonate. This can also be listed as PPG/ PPC on cosmetic packaging. Keep in mind this is for all products you use on your face, not just in your eye area.

Foundations, Shadows and Powders Oh My !

Make sure your lashes are completely dry before applying any products to your eyes & lashes. For makeup we love Arbonne products as they are all 100% Novalash safe! Novalash also retails some lash liners, and creamy 24 hour shadows as well! For more information on Arbonne click here, for Novalash products click here. Apply your makeup as usual, avoid directly applying makeup to the lashes, use a small brush for foundation rather than a beauty blender on your upper eye area. Use caution when applying powders to not brush them into your lashes. When applying eye shadow it is best to use your fingers , or a lint free eye shadow applicator to avoid fallout into your lashes. If you must use a brush, clean any lash fallout buy applying water to a lint free applicator and brushing the tops of your lashes. Additionally you may be able to take a lash spoolie, apply water and brush through your lashes to clear your lashes of any fallout. To purchase lint free applicators, click here. For our favorite spoolies, click here.

Liners & Lashes

When it comes to liners, it depends on where you are in your lash cycle as to which liner you should use. Typically during your first week, your lashes will mimic the look of eyeliner, so there should be no need for it! As we progress further out, a pen/marker style liner is great, the application is clean, as is removal. While you're a few days out from your fill and you may have some gaps, a great way to hide them is to use a pencil liner to fill in the gap,by filling in just where the gap is. However, avoid using eyeliner the day before your lash appointment in order to have the best retention.

End The Night Right

Just like we need to keep our skin clean, that applies to our beautiful lashes as well. No matter how much fun you had, it is important to clean your eye area of all makeup and cleanse your lashes to maintain great retention. If you have stubborn makeup we recommend using, cleanLASH pads or Arbonne "Dissolve The Day " wipes. If you prefer to use a liquid makeup remover, Micellular Cleansing Water is great as well! Once you are sure your lashes and eyes are makeup free, get some much need shut eye and get ready to wake up refreshed & beautiful.

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