What Type of Set is That?

Classic, Hybrid, Volume, Mega Volume ... What Does It All Mean?

We All Were Newbies Once…

Don’t be afraid to ask questions if all this lash lingo, is confusing to you. Would you believe, that I never had lash extensions until about three months after I started professionally lashing? I dove in head first, and worked hard to absorb all the knowledge I could about lashes, and along the way earned the nickname of Hermoine Granger; Can you guess who was constantly asking questions? This girl. Please never feel uncomfortable about any questions you may have. We will do our best to give you the correct answer, and if we don’t know it we will find someone who does.

Imitating Natural Beauty…

Lash extensions, just like your natural lashes come in a variety of widths and lengths. The width of the lash corresponds to the weight of the lash as well. To measure the weight the diameter of the lash is used as the unit of measurement. Lashes come in diameters of .03-.25. Keep this in mind as we continue to learn about different lash classifications.

Let’s Start At The Beginning…..

Classic lashes is typically where most clients and artists start their lash journey. In classic lash application, lashes are applied in a 1:1 ratio. It is extremely important to be careful with using the proper diameter in classic lashes, to ensure there is no damage to the natural lashes as these are typically the “heaviest” of all professional lash extensions. At Connecticut Lash Co. , we don’t use lashes over .15, as we air on the more conservative side of diameters of lashes. This helps us ensure our promise of maintaining the integrity of clients’ lashes. Classic lash sets are typically the most “natural looking” of all lash sets. They can appear differently on every client, as we all have a different number of natural lashes. This is why it is important to consult with your artist regarding what your lash goals are, so we can assist you in choosing the best set for you based on your natural lashes.

Va Va Volume….

The next step in an artist’s career is the progression to volume. This is an advanced technique where lighter weighted lashes are used to create “fans”, in order to create the appearance of a fuller lash line than what naturally exists. Volume lashes come in diameters of .03-.10. Since volume lashes are much lighter than classic lashes, it is safe to apply multiple volume lashes to one natural lash. It is extremely important that an artist invests in their education, so they are knowledgeable on the appropriate diameters that can be used when creating volume fans, in order to protect the integrity of the natural lashes.

Where Do We Go From Here….

If you love your classic lashes but are looking to kick it up just a bit, this is where hybrid lashes come into play. In hybrid lashes we combine the styles of classic and volume lashes, to create a natural look with a little bit more fullness than a classic set can provide. The beauty of volume is that, we can use it to fill any gaps in your natural lash line, or any areas that lack fullness. The beauty of the hybrid set is it still creates a very “natural” look, imagine if we were able to fill those spots where your mascara just doesn’t seem to be enough.

Can We Kick It Up A Notch?

We all love natural beauty, but what if you want to begin to dabble in the world of a little bit more? That’s when volume comes to save the day. Just as we discussed earlier, volume is the practice of using multiple lightweight lashes to create “fans”. We use these "fans", to create a full lash line. Depending on the diameter and desired result in regular volume, you can apply up to 10 lashes on one natural lash. These lashes are MUCH lighter than classic lashes, which allows the artist to apply them in this way. Typically we apply "fans", composed of 2-5 lashes in our volume sets. However, Volume is not used just to add drama. Since the lashes are lightweight they are perfect for clients who have gone through lash damage or are trying to strengthen their natural lashes. When using volume lashes on a client who has had damage in the past we can fill gaps in the lash line, and create more of a natural look.

Let’s Go Above & Beyond…

The next progressive step an artists’ education is Mega Volume. Just like the name predicts, it is volume on a larger scale. For this we use lashes in .03 diameter, the lightest lashes available on the market, to create fans of up to 15 lashes. In this style we only lash about 80% of the lash line, this ensures we are only using the strongest natural lashes to support the fans. This gives the other lashes in your lash line time to grow. It is important in Mega Volume that an artist is properly trained. To ensure the fans are opened to the appropriate width, in order to not create damage to the natural lashes. It is also important that they are placing the lashes an appropriate distance from the lash line, too close, or too far can also cause damage to the natural lashes. When done by a properly trained artist, mega volume lashes are beautiful and replace the need for strip lashes! Imagine waking up every morning with the most dark, full, fluffy lashes, and no need to worry about itchy strip lashes. If you are looking for a Mega Volume artist we recommend searching LashBox LA’s find a stylist tool on their webpage. I am proudly trained by LashBox LA, and know the rigor and integrity of their training program.

What Is This “Lady in Waiting” ?

Just like hybrid is the combo of classic and volume, we decided to combine volume and mega volume in this set. This is perfect for women who want to create a little more volume in their lash line, but don’t have enough lashes to create the volume look they want. This is also for those who are looking to keep their lash set very lightweight, without creating such a dark and full look as mega volume.


By Now You’re An Expert…

You are now in the know, about all things lashes! However, our industry is constantly evolving and improving , so don’t hesitate to keep asking questions and getting to know more about those beautiful lashes, that make your mornings simplistic and effortless.

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