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next open courses:
september 30 2021  - oct 1 2021
oct 22-23 2021

Volume Lashes allow you to create custom looks for your clients, your volume education should be nothing short of unique for the artist as well.

 Unlock your true potential, volume allows you to create better retention for your clients, create fans that are healthier for their natural lashes, and expand your client base to those seek fuller, darker lashes. 

I believe that lash education should be a multi faceted approach, we will begin by learning proper techniques of sanitation and safety,self care, eye styling, theory and application.  
Most education courses forget to detail the importance of sanitation and client safety, however this is  your priority and responsibility. We will cover these topics and much more to give you the best full scope education you can receive . Similarly your health and safety is of equal importance to maintain a long lasting career in the industry. 

We will begin our day with networking with your peers, to discussing your motivations to become a volume lash artist. From there we will begin your education in sanitation and eye health, then we will learn how to create beautiful lashes that last for weeks and actually strengthen your clients lashes. 
Finally we will finish our day by completing your very first set of volume lashes! 
We ask that each student bring their own model, if you need a model, we can arrange one for you at a fee of $50.00, this fee is due on class day.
Each student will receive private instructional time to discuss their business plan and receive assistance in technique. 

What Do I Need To Bring? 
a positive attitude 
a pen 
face shield  
lash model*

What Will I Receive ? 
 a volume lash starter kit 
before & after photos of your lash model
a certification of completion 

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next open courses:

september 30 2021  - oct 1 2021

oct 22-23 2021

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We are proud to offer two payment options for this class

Learn Now, Pay Now-  $850.00 

This option allows you to pay your tuition in three ways.

A- One Payment of $850 at time of registration.

B - Two Payments of $425 , one due at registration, one due two weeks prior to course date. 

C- Three payments of  $283.34, one due at registration,  one due two weeks prior to course date, one due on the course date. 

- Learn Now, Pay Later

This option allows you to break your tuition into payments over the next 6-12 months.

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