Natural Beauty

Upper Body Waxing


Under Arm area 

Star ting at$25

Half Arm

From Elbow to shoulder or wrist to elbow.

Starting at $25

Full Arm

Wrist to Shoulder, excludes underarms. 

Starting at $35


Shoulder area. 

Starting at $18

Half Chest 

From 1st Rib to Neck or from 1st Rib to Hip 

Starting at $45

Full Chest 

From Hip to Neck.

Starting at $70


Entire back. 

Starting at $50 


Facial Waxing 


Needing a clean up or a whole new brow look? We have you covered in this service. 

Starting at $15 


Inner nostrils.

Starting at $12


Removing unwanted hair from your jawline to undereye .Excludes nostrils, chin. 

Starting at $12


The length of your ear on the exterior of your cheek.

Starting at $12

Inner Ear 

Starting at $12


From below nostrils to start of your natural chin.

Starting at $15 



From Natural chin down to neck. 

Starting at $12


From Chin to decollate. 

Starting at $12

Full Face 

Eyebrow | Nose | Cheek | Lip | Chin

Starting at $55

Half Face 

Eyebrow | Nose | Lip 

Starting at $38

Fitness Trainer

Intimate Area Waxing

Back View of Woman in Bikini

Lower Body Waxing 

Half Leg 

From Hip to knee or from knee to ankle. 

Starting at $40

Full Leg 

From Hip to ankle.

Starting at $70

Please note we do not allow minors to receive intimate area waxing, we do not allow guests to be present at any time during any intimate area waxing treatment room. 


Lower Stomach

From the navel to top of where your bikini/briefs would sit. 

Starting at $18


Removal of hair right along the bikini/ brief line.

Starting at $45.00



Removal of all the hair under your bikini/brief line, this includes a "in between" wax too! 

Starting at $65.00


A wax on the cheeks, but not between.

Starting at $35.00

In between 

A wax for between the cheeks! Included on all Brazilians. 

Starting at $25.00


Body Conscious

Waxing Add- On Menu 

These can be added on to any facial with upon request. Please submit in the notes of your appointment or via phone or text. We cannot guarantee any add on request, requests must be made at least 5 days in advance.  Cannot be booked as a standalone service, 

LED Light Therapy +$20
This painless, non-invasive LED light therapy uses different wavelengths of light stimulating the
skin's natural repair and rejuvenation processes. Treats specific skin concerns such as fine
lines, wrinkles, acne, pigmentation and rosacea.

Blue | Acne 

Red | Collagen

Green | Calming

Pairs seamlessly with any wax. 

Hydrojelly Mask +$15
Customized specialty jelly mask infused with electrolytes derived from algae to hydrate the skin, replenish its natural water reserves and increase moisture retention. Instant cooling and
soothing effect to calm the skin and leave you glowing.

Pairs seamlessly with any wax.